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November 19 2019

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November 11 2019


me when i’m not ok but I don’t want people to worry about me


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November 04 2019

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November 03 2019

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October 25 2019

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“There’s something pleasurable about not talking” Ingmar Bergman

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October 17 2019

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October 15 2019


Autocorrect just suggested I have a pancake attack and you know, I’d much rather do that

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Bardzo tęsknię za Tobą. Rano jeszcze pół biedy, bo trzeba pracować, ale pod wieczór Twoja nieobecność staje się dramatyczna.
— Wisława Szymborska
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October 14 2019

Kocham Cię jeszcze. Ani mnie powiedzieć nie wolno tego, ani tobie wiedzieć.
— Kazimierz Przerwa Tetmajer
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Dean Martin and Audrey Hepburn
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October 08 2019

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October 02 2019

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September 26 2019

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September 25 2019

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September 24 2019

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September 13 2019

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